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Why Skycomp?

We're Not Just Your IT Company, We're Your



We are passionate about fanatical customer service and we are dedicated to your success. IT support is our absolute priority. We believe technology should be a tool, not a barrier to the profitability of your business. Our goal is to work together to build a stronger and more profitable community.  



We have established long and loyal partnerships with our clients and have developed relationships with leading manufacturers who share our vision to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We teach our clientele how to select and implement the most current and suitable technologies, allowing our clients to speed up processes and boost productivity. 



Skycomp Solutions provides exceptional IT services and delivers streamlined and customer focused processes. We ensure our clients work on safe and secure networks, while offering ongoing support and advice for all IT service needs. Through our top-of-the-line equipment and locally based data center, we are able to proactively detect issues and offer solutions, so our clients are able to maximize work efficiency and profit.   Through hardware standardization and internal training, our team encourages productive change and drives ambition. Our end to end support covers everything from desktop computers to your internet connection. If you use it to do business we can support it.