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VoIP Phone Services

Skycomp VoIP Phone Services allows you to enjoy substantial savings by transforming your high speed Internet connection into a business phone line. Better manage your business and access your phone services wherever you are through a host of advanced business features! Take advantage of Skycomp VoIP Phone Services today and get setup and running in a few days!


$29.95 per month per line

Including unlimited US and Canada long distance.


Who is Skycomp VoIP Phone Services Ideal For?
  • Small businesses, home offices and multi-location businesses that require one of two lines

  • Retaining your existing business number when you move

  • Expanding your business nationally by creating virtual offices in other cities

  • Single number reach - make and receive business calls through any device, wherever you are


Advantages of Skycomp VoIP Phone Service
  • Local Support
    With our support team centrally located in St. Catharines, Ontario we’re available to provide local support any time you need. Give us a call or send us an email to speak to a team that cares!

  • Dependable Services
    Through our optimized technology and unmatchable support, our premium Skycomp VoIP provides reliable phone services.

  • Quality Hardware
    Skycomp Solutions offers industry leading VoIP hardware to deliver both quality, as well as compatibility with most existing systems, including IP Phones, VoIP routers, PBX products, and VoIP accessories.

  • Easy to Use
    Following a quick and simple set up, Skycomp provides your business with initial onsite setup and support, as well as, company specific training manuals based on your business phone functions and features.

  • Improve Productivity 
    Skycomp VoIP Phone Services allows you to make and receive calls through any device, anywhere you are, ensuring you always stay connected!