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Backups. Keeping Your Data Safe



Are you still using a traditional tape backup system? While tape backups were once the standard in most business backup systems, we now have far greater backup technology that we can leverage. It is a known fact that tapes have a high failure rate, slow backup process, and above all a slow restore procedure. Not to mention the space limitation. It’s time to upgrade.

Regular, reliable backups, and a disaster recovery plan play a very important role in protecting your data and your server infrastructure. Today’s hard drives offer large quantities of space that allow us to back up our systems like never before. Since hard drives operate at a much faster rate than tape, it allows servers and workstations to backup hourly throughout the day without sacrificing performance by utilizing snapshot technology. Hard drive backup repositories focus on hardware redundancy as well so you are never left with a single point of disk failure.

Sick of swapping tapes regularly? Modern backup systems allow your data to replicate offsite to a trusted location without any physical interaction. No need for remembering a monthly tape either. Policies are set in place to keep monthly archivals of your data on an ongoing automated process.

One commonly overlooked feature when choosing a backup system is the restoration feature. Backing up your data is one thing, but when it comes to a critical situation where you need to access yesterday’s or last week’s data, a reliable restoration process is key. Modern backup systems perform frequent verification of your backup files to ensure that when a restore is needed, it is a seamless, painless operation. No need to manually swap tapes and go searching for missing files.

We at Skycomp Solutions take disaster recovery very seriously, which is why we have partnered with the best modern backup vendors available today. We offer robust solutions that offer multiple levels of data protection to ensure your data is backed up and safe - both on and offsite. Physical or virtual environments, we have the right  backup solution and disaster recovery play to ensure your data is kept safe and ready for restoration.